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Project Silver Screen

This project was started in 1948, when a connection was made between debris from the 1947 Roswell Crash and Drive-In Theaters.

Project Research areas.

The beginning

Where: Roswell New Mexico
Date: 07/02/47
At 20:55 hours, a security patrol at east permitter of the Roswell Army Air Field, reported seeing 3 Unidentified Flying Objects passing over the Star-Lite Drive-In Theater.
This photo was taken by patrol

The UFO's were headed straight to the air field. At 21:30 all 3 UFO's came across the air field. At that time troops opened fire with antiaircraft guns. 2 of the UFO's evaded the fire and disappeared from site. The 3rd UFO was struck and began to shoot flames from the area hit. The injured ship headed back toward the edge of town. It went across 6 mill hill and crash landed in a field.

Drive-In Screens Being Used to Test Human Response

Project Silver Screen was created, to study the connection between the large number of Drive-In Theaters being built and the growing number of UFO siteings around them. The data showed that the Aliens some how controlled where the Drive-In would be built. Most were located around city's generally just outside of the city limits. Most of the Drive-In theaters were built with the screen between the road and the parking area. With generally farm fields or woods in the rear area. This allowed UFO's to hover about 1 mile away from the screen and be undetected.

We made a major discovery, with the new FM radio band we found that the UFO was transmitting a pulsating signal at the screen, while the movie was being played.

High frequency radio detection devices were mounted on trucks. These were taken to Drive-In Theaters across the U.S.. The team of scientist worked for 2 years compiling data.

We were able to learn that the drive-in screen was reflecting the UFO signal into the cars. The signal was on a frequency that could be picked up by the human brain. The signal also was 2 directional. Not only did it transmit to the human brain but also could read the emotional response created by the movie.

1966 Gatesville, Texas Incident

Date: 5/17/66

Using the info that had been collected about the Alien signal, A transmitter was constructed that could send a signal on the same frequency. This was loaded into a delivery van and taken to the Circle S Drive-In Theater. After about 2 weeks it happened. A UFO had arrived and began to transmit it's brain signal. Our transmitter was turned on at a low power. The UFO did not seen to detect the signal. The transmitter was increased to half power, at that time observers, who were stationed in a near by farmhouse, noticed a change in the UFO. The UFO lights began to come on and off. It began to move around slightly. What ever the scientist were doing with the signal was having an effect on the UFO. At that point the transmitter was turned up to maximum. The UFO tried to shut down their signal and move but our signal was overriding. Within 3 minutes the UFO exploded. People at the Drive-In did not notice anything due to the line of trees and the distance the UFO was at. The transmitter was shut down. The van was leaving the Drive-In when 2 other UFO's came from the other side of the screen firing lasers. Killing people and destroying the Drive-In.


There were 34 deaths and 87 people hospitalized. To cover up the disaster 5 oil storage tanks across the road at the refinery were exploded. The impact from the blast destroyed the balance of the screen and caused additional cars to explode. The people who claimed they were attacked by UFO's were told by Fire and Rescue workers that they saw the tops of the storage tanks flying through the air.

Use of Drive-In Screens By UFO's for communication

In 1969 Microwave signals were intercepted coming off of the Sky-Vue Drive-In Screen, Summersville, KY. Researchers found that a UFO located about 2 miles away was using the screen as a giant collector, like a satalite dish. The origin of the signal has not been determined but it is not from within our solar system. Or scientist calculated with the rotation of the earth, and the # of drive-in screens the UFO's have a the ability to stay in constant communication with their home world.

Photo Recovered from the Roswell Crash

Date: 07/03/47

The saucer and its passengers were moved from the field to the Roswell Army Air Field. The bodies were taken to the field hospital. The 3 Alien bodies were searched. Among their personal belongings was found this picture.


This photo showed evidence of the use of Drive-In Theaters around 12,000 BB.CD. This photo also showed that humans were being observed during their time at the Drive-In. Based on the technology that existed at 12,000 BB.CD., the aliens must have constructed the Drive-In and trained a human to operate it. Did aliens design and build the first Drive-In Theater in the US, so they could study us?

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