Columbia Drive-In

Rr 2, Columbia, PA 17512
(717) 684-0480

COLUMB02.jpg 11.30 K

COLUMB03.jpg 8.22 K

COLUMB04.jpg 9.24 K

COLUMB05.jpg 8.05 K

COLUMB06.jpg 5.29 K

COLUMB07.jpg 6.30 K

COLUMB08.jpg 9.36 K

COLUMB09.jpg 2.18 K COLUMB10.jpg 2.56 K

COLUMB11.jpg 2.27 K COLUMB12.jpg 2.08 K

All photos were taken by Travis McGlaughlin
The Jokemeister

Per Travis: Dag, those cheeseburgers were GOOD!, But the menu was a little lean with only the normal "movie stuff" (popcorn, candy and soda). I have only been here this once, but I DO plan on going back later this year!

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