US 23 Twin

5200 Fenton Road, Flint, MI 48507
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thanks to Greg O'Sullivan for the photos!!!!

Fire Strikes the US 23 Twin's Main screen in March of 1997.
This is what it looked like!
The crew lays out the main supports.
The main supports are painted, before cross beams are attached.
The main supports use hinge pins to connect 2 of the 3 legs to the foundation. The 3rd leg on each support is bolted after the screen is stood upright.
Cross beams are attached and the screen begins to go on.
A view of the 3 layer construction of the screen.
It takes a large crane to hoist the screen into place.
View of the new screen from the road.
A view of the screen from inside the theatre.
Thanks to Gary Flinn ( for all the photos ans coverage of this event.
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