BALTIMORE, MD. 21220-2147


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Showtime information: 410 687-5627
Directions: 410 686-4698
Boxoffice line when the boxoffice is open, otherwise, our fax machine:410 686-4598.
Note: no information that is on showtime recording will be given out over our boxoffice line.

Months of operation: 1999 Season ends in late October, and as the theatre is in the process of being sold, the future is uncertain.

# of Screens: One GIANT (52'x120')
Year Bulilt: Opened on June 6, 1956
Current owner: D. Edward Vogel

Special things:

  • Almost right out of the past, theatre is nearly 90% restored
  • Show starts at TWILIGHT when in Daylight Savings Time
  • Children under 11 and in cars are free.
  • You must always wear shoes in this this theatre.
  • Huge galssed front original concession area.
  • Vans, Trucks, Hi-tops and MPV's must park in designated areas due to the origial "lay-out" of DOUBLE ramping.
  • Security attendants on duty
  • Audience participation
  • Nostalgic atmosphere
  • 2 ways to hear the Movies; FM Stereo sound and AM radio

Non-Stop Projection. Once the show starts, there is always something on the screen. For example; we open with the "TWILIGHT OPENING": a cartoon, then Feature#1, then INTERMISSION (20 minutes or so, snack clips, Previews both old and new, another cartoon) then Feature#2, and so on. There is always a double feature, and usually a triPPPle feature on Fri. and Sat. nights.

Theatre "HOUSE RULES" keep our theatre a fun and safe place.

Outside food and beverages are restricted. If you are bringing in outside food and beverages, You must purchase a permit at the boxoffice. We are very strict on this policy! Cheaters leave without a refund, and are restricted from returning.

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thanks to D. Edward Vogel, theatre owner for the info.

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